Health and Care Provision

The Money Hill site will provide important contributions towards local healthcare

The local Primary Care Trust has identified the town as a priority area for local healthcare improvements.

Based on a traffic light indicator system, the existing Ashby Health Centre is categorised as ‘red’. This is an assessment of the quality of the facility, its condition and ability to meet local demand.

The MHC has suggested two approaches to the provision of a potential new health centre, which has been the subject to extensive discussion with the local health providers. This includes either (i) a financial contribution in accordance with consultation response on the former planning application (Ref. 13/00335/OUTM) or, (ii) the provision of a new health centre.

To meet the growing demand for extra-care living accomodation, up to 60 specialist sheltered apartments for the elderly are planned in a dedicated and landscaped area close to the heart of the new neighbourhood.