Planning Status

A revised planning application was submitted in May 2015

A planning application has been prepared and submitted to NWLDC following to the refusal of a previous planning application (ref 13/00335/OUTM) at the site. The application was refused on 13 May 2014, with four reasons for refusal being cited on the decision notice.

Following the submission of an appeal against the refusal the Council (NWLDC) has confirmed that it is no longer pursuing three of the reasons for refusal. The remaining reason for refusal relates to the level of affordable housing that was proposed. Whilst the level of affordable housing proposed was compliant with the relevant policy, the applicant has determined to agree, in principle, the heads of terms of the planning obligation regarding affordable housing provision prior to submission. As such, none of the reasons for refusal of the previous application remain.

As a consequence of the above, the MHC submitted a revised planning application to NWLDC in May 2015. The application relates to part of the same site as the previous application and includes additional land required to provide a different means of access to the site. The application site excludes an area of land that is subject of a separate planning application. The development proposed is of the same nature and character to the previous application and the description of development has been altered to reflect the different means of access proposed for the site.

It is expected that the revised planning application will be determined by NWLDC in Autumn 2015.