Flood Risk Management and Drainage

The Money Hill site will include new ponds, swales and wetland areas

As part of the public open space provision, we will include ponds, swales and a wetland area. These will have a dual use as surface water drainage and as balancing ponds to hold back the storm rainwater that can be released slowly to the existing and new watercourses around the site.

This will help minimise the risk of flooding in the new development area and in the town centre area.

A sustainable urban drainage scheme will be introduced throughout the development using porous paving, swales and gardened areas to absorb rainwater and reduce the likelihood of localised flooding.

A detailed local study of the River Mease catchment area has been undertaken and detailed plans have been prepared to link the new development to the Packington waste water treatment works, where funding will be provided to enhancing water quality and provide ongoing monitoring.