Transport and Access

The Money Hill site will provide a new linkage onto the A511 and pedestrian links

The Money Hill site is well positioned to be able to link into the main road networks in the area, as well as being located close enough to enable good pedestrian and cycle links to the town centre.

Our proposals feature two separate unlinked vehicle access points to the Money Hill development area.

Vehicular access would be to the north-east, with a new connection to the A511 bypass. A secondary, 6.5m access would be provided from Nottingham Road, which would provide access to a maximum of 150 dwellings, (including the extra care housing). Pedestrian and cycle linkages would be improved across the site, including the upgrading of the Ivanhoe Way.

In advancing the proposals, the MHC has sought to ensure that the site has strong linkages with the town centre, whilst avoiding an internal road design that would encourage ‘rat-running’ through the site. This has resulted in the inclusion of a bus controlled gate, which would be positioned at the southern part of the application site. This would allow bus services to pass freely through the application site; however, the movement of private motor cars would be restricted. Emergency vehicles would also have full vehicular access.